“This is an adventurous romp about a boy who accidentally activates a portal to space and meets up with all kinds of aliens (and meets a real space pilot.) He goes to the planet Lann Darr (in a roundabout way,) and goes on a quest to find his way back home (making some new friends and enemies in the process.

It’s a sweet read for adventurous kids with imaginations (like all kids, right?)

Plus, every page is filled with a full color illustration. So there is plenty here to keep the kids interested. It’s a complete story, but short enough that you could read it before bed.”

Morty’s Travels: Fun Space Adventure

JJ Andregg

“This has a more grown up feel than most early readers. It was a fun story that would help reader feel more grown up about what they are reading.”

Morty’s Travels helps reader feel more grown up

Sandra K. Stiles:

“This is a strange and fun adventure story. Morty likes to play pranks on his dad. One morning he goes outside to find a slug to put in his dad’s shoe. Instead, he finds a strange flower. The pollen from it causes him to sneeze and he is transported to another planet. He meets some friendly adventures and even finds a pet. This would make a great bed-time story. The pictures are wonderful.”

Morty’s Travels Inspires

Perfect for the 1st - 5th grader

Reading level 1

Morty accidentally leaves Earth. Though lost, he finds help from unlikely places and runs into danger as well. Oh, the creatures he meets! Also included is a how-to-draw an alien tutorial.

Perfect gift ebook or paperback.