Anderson Atlas is an author and illustrator in Arizona

Inspired by crowded malls, streams hidden by giant boulders, patches of moss, charred forests, and distant mountain ranges, Anderson’s goal is to catch the lost dreams and carry them from the shadows of forgotten time, setting the fantastic on your plate to satiate your rabid hunger for adventure.

Morty’s Travels Adventure Book

Morty's Travels

Perfect Sci/fi introduction book for the 1st - 3rd grader

Morty accidentally leaves Earth. Though lost, he finds help from unlikely places and runs into danger as well. Oh, the creatures he meets! Also included is a how-to-draw an alien tutorial.

early reader chapter book Dealing with Bullies

Morty's Travels Book 2: Dealing With Bullies Coming Soon

Some creature has Morty’s sister. He has to find her on Lan Darr and quick. The sun is going down.