Anderson Atlas YA novelist and illustrator

Anderson Atlas is an author and illustrator in Arizona

I’m an author / illustrator and have been since I was a wee babe. My days consist of sitting around the fire, recounting epics of giants and hidden fairies while exploring the sacred mountains east of the moors. I’ve crossed the forbidden boundaries, explored the dark dungeons, and returned to tell the tales.

Strange Lands A Young Adult Book

Strange Lands

You will be thrilled, enlightened and entertained. Do NOT miss this Young Adult book.

Allan is on top of his game, until an accident takes his world away. His guardian now, uncle Rubic, takes Allan on a stream fishing trip to try and bring joy back into his world, but a flash flood washes the two down the mountain. Allan loses his wheelchair and must crawl uphill to get help. He’s alone, but Rubic’s life is on the line. As Allan struggles, he’s somehow taken to another world, hunted and captured. Will he find his way home? Who in this strange world will help him?

Even when he feels the most isolated, there are creatures with heart. Allan is lifted out of the ashes of his thoughts and he decides to fight, not only for his survival, but for Rubic’s and for millions of aliens he’s only just met. 

Allan’s adventure begins in Book1 of this exciting series and flies off the rails in unexpected ways. Though he is a paraplegic, he’s got as much guts and strength as anyone, if not more. 

This adventure is so thrilling and unlike anything you’ve ever read, you’ll be hooked until the last page.  Follow Allan’s path of self discovery, and watch him take back what he’s lost. Strange Lands is a spine tingling adventure, with exciting twists & turns. A perfect and inspiring read for 10 and up.


five stars for Allan Westerfield: Off-World “deftly crafted”
~Midwest Book Review

five stars for Allan Westerfield: Off-World“inspirational, Positively uplifting. Strange Lands is an exhilarating tale full of frightening and wondrous creatures.”  Literary Classics Book Reviews

five stars for Allan Westerfield: Off-World “marvelous characters”
~Readers Favorite

five stars for Allan Westerfield: Off-World
“fantasy tour de force”
~Sonoran Arts Network

five stars for Allan Westerfield: Off-World
“edge of my seat”
~Jori at Kissed by Literature

five stars for Allan Westerfield: Off-World
“extraordinary tale of courage and adventure”
~Victoria at Book Beast



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