Young Adult & Middle Grade Books

“Deftly crafted Novel.”

        ~Midwest Book Review“

Inspirational, positively uplifting book.”

    ~Literary Classics Book Reviews

 “I loved the story. I already loved the first, and loved that one. Great fantasy. Well done Anderson.” ~Gigi Sedlmayer, Book Excellence Award Finalist winning author of the Talon series

Returning to Lan Darr might just kill Allan. Though he’s learned the hard way that he does not die easily.

 “Mesmerizing fiction and a worthy successor to the first two books in the series. Highly recommended.” ~Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

middle grade novel The Lost Spells by Anderson Atlas

Karl Chen and family were homeless and forced to move into a broken-down ranch house nestled in a canyon outside Tucson Arizona. Not only is the house trashed, boarded up and left to rot, it’s haunted.

Time for Adventure!

Novel for New Adults (18 and up )

Ian commits treason, genocide, but under a veil of manipulation. As he escapes death, the collective rises, the nightmare begins. Is anywhere safe? Death blazes across the Earth faster than any government can handle.

“I hope we don’t have a long wait for the next installment.” ~Verified Amazon Review

-ended on a great cliff hanger and I am looking forward to reading the next in the series.” ~ chesirecat20

Early Reader Chapter Books

Morty’s Travels

Morty’s Travels is a new illustrated Middle Grade chapter book by Anderson Atlas about a boy that travels across the galaxy. Funny! Exciting! You’re kid will love it!

early reader chapter book Dealing with Bullies

Morty’s Travels: Dealing with Bullies

Coming Soon!

Daydreaming with Dad

Daydreaming with Dad is a whimsical children’s book full of heart and humor and beautiful art and just might tug on your heart strings.

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Rascal Farms

Rascal Farms is a cute children’s book about forest animals that decide to steal from nearby farms instead of hunt for their food. When the farm runs out what will the Rascals to? Read and find out!

Sun Skips Christmas

Illustrated Children’s book

One Hot December day the sun mysteriously vanishes. Snow turns to ice and the world freezes over. Smart, little Ellie comes up with a plan to bring back the sun. But can she convince the townsfolk to give up all their Christmas presents so she can save the town? Find out today!