Strange Lands is a pure YA adventure book

Strange Lands is pure YA adventure

Strange Land is a book full of adventure and darkness, hero’s and villains. Any Kid 10 and up will love this book!

“Deftly crafted Novel.” ~Midwest Book Review
“Inspirational, positively uplifting book.” ~Literary Classics Book Reviews

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Dark Swarm: A Young Adult Science Fiction Book

Trans-humans are here, the only army equipt to fight the Dark Swarm.

Dark Swarm is an Epic Adventure book for Young Adults based in the near future when artificial intelligence merges with humanity and is caught up in a battle between opposing alien races. Those that cannot fight for themselves rely on those that can. When Jack Morrison steps up, he becomes more than human, more powerful than he could ever dream, but will corruption change who he is inside?

This Young Adult Book will rock your expectations!

Young Adult Book by Anderson Atlas

Return To Lan Darr: An Unforgettable book

A continuation to Strange Lands, this novel dives deeper, is stranger, and more exciting. Allan seeks to return to Lan Darr. Though a dangerous world, its beauty unmistakable. Can he find a way back? Will his father and new girlfriend stop him?
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Young Adult Book Immortal Shadow by Anderson Atlas

Immortal Shadow is Jabbawk’s Origin Book

The creature in Strange Lands creeped out every reader I heard from. They demanded to know where Jibbawk came from, how he became the nightmarish creature that tormented Allan. Immortal Shadow is that book written through Jibbawk’s perspective and an unstoppable novel.
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Apocalyptic Zombie Book by Anderson Atlas

Apocalypse Book, Done Right!

Ian commits treason, genocide, but under a veil of manipulation. As he escapes death, the collective rises, the nightmare begins. Is anywhere safe? Death blazes across the Earth faster than any government can handle. Ian fights the dead with worms in their eye sockets, knowing if his secret seeps out his friends will turn on him. But they’re all hiding something…

Dive deep into Fools’ Apocalypse. Discover the conspiracy. The fate of the Earth is darker than anyone imagined.

Check out the reviews of this Book. You will love this character driven apocalypse novel.

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Daydreams-with-Dad childrens book by Anderson Atlas

Daydreaming with Dad

Daydreaming with Dad is a whimsical children's book full of heart and humor and beautiful art and just might tug on your heart strings.

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Rascal Farms Childrens book by Anderson Atlas

Rascal Farms

Rascal Farms is a cute children's book about forest animals that decide to steal from nearby farms instead of hunt for their food. When the farm runs out what will the Rascals to? Read and find out!

Great bedtime story with a little life lesson.

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The Sun Skips Christmas Children's Book by Anderson Atlas

Sun Skips Christmas

Illustrated Children's book

One Hot December day the sun mysteriously vanishes. Snow turns to ice and the world freezes over. Smart, little Ellie comes up with a plan to bring back the sun. But can she convince the townsfolk to give up all their Christmas presents so she can save the town? find out today! Buy the book now!

Morty's Travels a Middle Grade Chapter book By Anderson Atlas

Morty's Travels

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Morty's Travels is a new illustrated Middle Grade chapter book by Anderson Atlas about a boy that travels across the galaxy. Funny! Exciting! You're kid will love it! Read more here . . .