Anderson Atlas is an author and illustrator in Arizona

Inspired by crowded malls, streams hidden by giant boulders, patches of moss, charred forests, and distant mountain ranges, Anderson’s goal is to catch the lost dreams and carry them from the shadows of forgotten time, setting the fantastic on your plate to satiate your rabid hunger for adventure.

Fools’ Apocalypse Book


The undead become more than just a waking nightmare, they become the new rulers of Earth.

Ian commits treason, genocide, but under a veil of manipulation. As he escapes death, the collective rises, the nightmare begins. Is anywhere safe? Death blazes across the Earth faster than any government can handle. Ian fights the dead with worms in their eye sockets, knowing if his secret seeps out his friends will turn on him. But they’re all hiding something… Dive deep into Fools’ Apocalypse. Discover the conspiracy. The fate of the Earth is darker than anyone imagined. Check out the reviews. You will love this character-driven apocalypse novel

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