Anderson Atlas YA novelist and illustrator

Anderson Atlas is an author and illustrator in Arizona

I’m an author / illustrator and have been since I was a wee babe. My days consist of sitting around the fire, recounting epics of giants and hidden fairies while exploring the sacred mountains east of the moors. I’ve crossed the forbidden boundaries, explored the dark dungeons, and returned to tell the tales.

Morty’s Travels 2: Dealing with Bullies

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middle grade chapter book science fiction


Morty, while running from the school bully, finds another Hubbu flower in the forest. Its magical pollen can take him to the far away and dangerous planet Lan Dar. Before Morty has a chance to tell his parents about the magic flower, his sister triggers the pollen and disappears. Morty goes after her, knowing she will find herself alone and lost, her life in grave danger.

The worst happens when Morty learns that Emily is lost in the Swamps of Suckland, a dark and gloomy place that is most certainly haunted. Can Morty save his sister and get home for dinner? Or will they become dinner for the ravenous and evil Jibbawk?

Morty’s Travels is a hilarious, middle-grade, early-reader chapter book series and a great Sci-fi adventure for any child over age 6. Dealing With Bullies delivers some life lessons but mostly is just one chuckle after another with a bit of goosebumps in between.