Anderson’s Latest Project

Epic Tech, War and Love, coming soon!

A golden age of peace and prosperity lasts for a hundred years before a jealous alien race attacks. The key to survival is a six thousand year old technology.

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Anderson’s Published Books:

Strange Lands is pure YA adventure

Return to Lan Darr and Immortal Shadow is your ticket out-a-here! Steeped in adventure, this thrilling Young Adult series is perfect for 10 and up.
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Apocalypse, Done Right!

Apocalyptic Thriller, full of Graphic Art, Deep Characters and and intricate conspiracy
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_missing-sun-2-600Sun Skips Christmas

Illustrated Children’s book

One Hot December day the sun mysteriously vanishes. Snow turns to ice and the world freezes over. Smart, little Ellie comes up with a plan to bring back the sun. But can she convince the townsfolk to give up all their Christmas presents so she can save the town? find out today! Buy the book now!

mortys-travels-cover-art-600Morty’s Travels

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Morty’s Travels is a new children’s book by Anderson Atlas about a boy that travels across the galaxy. Read more here . . .