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Book 1: Strange Lands

“When Lan Darr needs a hero, someone to rid their world of the monster Jibbawk, an unlikely child amid all the creatures of the land must step up to the challenge.” Click to read more about this Young Adult Fantasy Novel. 

The Adventure Continues


Book 2: Return to Lan Darr

The second book of the Heroes of Distant Planet Series cranks up the excitement, the mystery and even the humor. A perfect and inspiring story for 10 and up. Buckle up for the ride of a lifetime. 

An Evil Prequel

Book 3: Immortal Shadow

Before Allan ends up on Lan Darr it was conquered by a ruthless shadic. This is his story. Warning, not for the faint of heart. Learn More. . .

Fear the undead that are not dead.

Fools’ Apocalypse

Manipulated to kill, sick with lies–the corpses moved against the Fools. It quickly became apparent that the undead were more than rotting bodies. They’re puppets for something dark and desperate and otherworldly. They were Zilla’s children.

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_missing-sun-2-600Sun Skips Christmas

Illustrated Children’s book

One Hot December day the sun mysteriously vanishes. Snow turns to ice and the world freezes over. Smart, little Ellie comes up with a plan to bring back the sun. But can she convince the townsfolk to give up all their Christmas presents so she can save the town? find out today! Buy the book now!



mortys-travels-cover-art-600Morty’s Travels

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Morty’s Travels is a new children’s book by Anderson Atlas about a boy that travels across the galaxy. Read more here . . .