The Lost Spells


middle grade novel The Lost Spells by Anderson Atlas


They made him leave all his friends behind. Now he has to deal with a ghost?

Ten-year-old Karl Chen never wanted to move to Arizona. But living on a rundown, abandoned, and probably haunted ranch only makes it worse. And just when he thought his new home couldn’t get any stranger, he’s shocked when he meets a talking spider.

Discovering the poor creature is actually a girl cursed a hundred years ago by the witch haunting the property, Karl resolves to give her his help. But to do it, he and his eight-legged companion need to find the wicked spirit’s spellbook. And the ghostly enchantress isn’t about to go down without a fight…

Can Karl put an end to all the eerie episodes and protect his new friend from harm?

The Lost Spells is the first book in the exciting Magee Chronicles middle grade fantasy series. If you or your child like spooky adventures, brave characters, and magical journeys, then you’ll love Anderson Atlas’s thrilling tale.

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