Anderson Atlas is an author and illustrator in Arizona

Inspired by crowded malls, streams hidden by giant boulders, patches of moss, charred forests, and distant mountain ranges, Anderson’s goal is to catch the lost dreams and carry them from the shadows of forgotten time, setting the fantastic on your plate to satiate your rabid hunger for adventure.

Little Giant | A New Children’s Book By Anderson Atlas

My next distraction from Dark Swarm has been a children’s book. I sometimes need breaks from my sci-if because it’s such a huge project. I’m also going to be going to a book fair in Chicago and I needed to get this product done so I have something new and exciting to share.

This children’s book is called Little Giant. It’s about a giant that likes little things. One day while exploring a vast mountain range he finds a village of normal sized humans. Chaos ensues and Bebba the Little Giant does not know how to get out of this sticky situation without destroying the human village. Can he do it? Can he find home?

Below are a couple of spreads of the new book. If you know anyone that would love to read this book forward this post to them.

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