Anderson Atlas is an author and illustrator in Arizona

Inspired by crowded malls, streams hidden by giant boulders, patches of moss, charred forests, and distant mountain ranges, Anderson’s goal is to catch the lost dreams and carry them from the shadows of forgotten time.

Dark Swarms Snippet

The robot’s eyes were carefully, thoughtfully designed to be friendly. Did it really mean its compliment? The AI program was fully integrated with emotional reactions. Programmers insisted it would be capable of independent thought and that positive actions would result in electrical stimulation in its nervous system similar to human dopamine reactions. It had lots of time to develop, ten years in fact, and that was a long, long time for a robot to think, to become, if its architecture allowed independent development to change its core programing.

It is entirely possible that the robot was a true sociopath, learning how to react properly to emotional states, but not truly feeling empathy or altruism. As long as Iosley was around, she would never truly relax.