Dark Swarms Snippet

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The robot’s eyes were carefully, thoughtfully designed to be friendly. Did it really mean its compliment? The AI program was fully integrated with emotional reactions. Programmers insisted it would be capable of independent thought and that positive actions would result in electrical stimulation in its nervous system similar to human dopamine reactions. It had lots […]

Book Life’s Critical Review for Fool’s Apocalypse

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Critic’s Report Title: Fools’ Apocalypse Author: Anderson Atlas Genre: Fiction/Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audience: Adult Word Count: 398 Assessment: After inadvertently helping an evil mastermind who triggers a zombie apocalypse, a group of survivors must flee to a distant shelter called Eden. Atlas’s story is the most gripping when he turns away from the common zombie narratives and […]

Return to Lan Darr Review #6

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“Allan Westerfield is a wheelchair-bound hero, but a hero nonetheless.   Five stars.” ~reviewed by C.J. Shane at Sonoran Arts Network full review below:  ( link: http://www.sonoranartsnetwork.net/return-to-lan-darr-by-anderson-atlas.html ) I’ve been a fan of children’s literature since….well, childhood, and my enthusiasm has never waned. I continue to read children’s and YA (young adult) literature even today. I’ve had […]