Anderson Atlas YA novelist and illustrator

Anderson Atlas is an author and illustrator in Arizona

I’m an author / illustrator and have been since I was a wee babe. My days consist of sitting around the fire, recounting epics of giants and hidden fairies while exploring the sacred mountains east of the moors. I’ve crossed the forbidden boundaries, explored the dark dungeons, and returned to tell the tales.

Wonderful Pirate Magic

Action I love pirates. So when I learned of a book about female pirates I was excited. The book starts off with an attack from air ships on pirate fleet. I was immediately hooked because I wanted to know in what world pirates and their ships would collide with aircraft. The book continues to unravel secrets, mysteries about fury wood, islands, the Pirates and the mysterious aircraft it was a fantastic ride.
My favorite character was the humble but savior-prone Bela. Ahh, I liked Shea, too. But her struggle with her destiny wasn’t as pronounced.

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New Music Video

Hello! Anderson Atlas here with an update: I’m still busy writing Dark Swarm, so that is something to look forward to for those Sci Fi

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