Anderson Atlas is an author and illustrator in Arizona

Inspired by crowded malls, streams hidden by giant boulders, patches of moss, charred forests, and distant mountain ranges, Anderson’s goal is to catch the lost dreams and carry them from the shadows of forgotten time, setting the fantastic on your plate to satiate your rabid hunger for adventure.

The Fight | Dark Swarm Excerpt

The Fight illustraion in Dark Swarm

Jayce folded over and gasped. He couldn’t breathe…he…needed…his…inhaler. William pulled Jayce up, slamming him into the electrical box.

Pain blew up Jayce’s nerved like a nuclear bomb went off. He twisted, pulling his arms up and sunk into a ball. William dropped too, one hand still gripping Jayce’s shirt.

“Come on! Fight back you coward!” William yelled. “I wanna god-damn challenge!” He punched again, connecting with the back of Jayce’s head.

Jayce’s tears flowed as he sobbed. He shook inside, vibrated with adrenaline. Then his tears stopped, his body stilled. The electrical box was two inches from his face. Anger filled his every cell. He didn’t want to fight back. He just wanted William dead. Without even thinking about it, Jayce snapped his arm back and punched the electric panel with more power than he ever thought possible. A metallic ring sounded out as Jayce’s fist slammed through the green metal covering–fist sinking into the fuses underneath. Electricity burst from the power lines like lightning, flooding the narrow passage with light. Lightning sizzled and popped, flowing around Jayce like tornado winds.

What happens? Stay tuned. The night is coming, the crazies are growing an army…

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