Anderson Atlas YA novelist and illustrator

Anderson Atlas is an author and illustrator in Arizona

I’m an author / illustrator and have been since I was a wee babe. My days consist of sitting around the fire, recounting epics of giants and hidden fairies while exploring the sacred mountains east of the moors. I’ve crossed the forbidden boundaries, explored the dark dungeons, and returned to tell the tales.

dragon myth

The Dragon Myth

From Jayce’s own research, he knew that dragonlore permeated most cultures on Earth. “They had to have been here a long time ago.”
“The swarm arrived on Earth five-thousand years ago. Fed on humans, even enslaved some of the more advanced cultures,” Akilli explained.
“Wow.” Jayce shook his head. “That means that dragons did exist,” Jayce mumbled, in shock.
“Yes, in a sense. And they actually coveted gold and metals,” Quin added. “Only they didn’t sit on the treasure and sleep, like some stories say, but used it to replicate.” Quin looked slightly amused. “Maukons freaked you guys out for centuries, crept into your epigenetics. They wanted you to fear them, for eternity. Jaal, too. They made themselves look like strong ugly things with sharp teeth, pointy ears, claws.”

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Hello! Anderson Atlas here with an update: I’m still busy writing Dark Swarm, so that is something to look forward to for those Sci Fi

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