Dark Swarms Snippet

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The robot’s eyes were carefully, thoughtfully designed to be friendly. Did it really mean its compliment? The AI program was fully integrated with emotional reactions. Programmers insisted it would be capable of independent thought and that positive actions would result in electrical stimulation in its nervous system similar to human dopamine reactions. It had lots […]

Review #1 for Immortal Shadow

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“Immortal Shadow is mesmerizing fiction and a worthy successor to the first two books in the series. It’s most highly recommended.” Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite Immortal Shadow: Heroes of Distant Planets, Book 3 is a young adult fantasy novel written by Anderson Atlas. Jibbawk and his twelve competitors, who were all Shadoc […]

Review of Sun Skips Christmas- A Children’s Fable about Family and Sacrifice

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“I love how Anderson Atlas has blended the quick shift in climate with the elements themselves, showing not only the delicate balance in our resources which are needed to survive, but also teaching us that material things mean nothing if we cease to exist. I recommend this book to all readers, young and old, who […]

Book Life’s Critical Review for Fool’s Apocalypse

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Critic’s Report Title: Fools’ Apocalypse Author: Anderson Atlas Genre: Fiction/Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audience: Adult Word Count: 398 Assessment: After inadvertently helping an evil mastermind who triggers a zombie apocalypse, a group of survivors must flee to a distant shelter called Eden. Atlas’s story is the most gripping when he turns away from the common zombie narratives and […]

Return to Lan Darr Review #6

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“Allan Westerfield is a wheelchair-bound hero, but a hero nonetheless.   Five stars.” ~reviewed by C.J. Shane at Sonoran Arts Network full review below:  ( link: http://www.sonoranartsnetwork.net/return-to-lan-darr-by-anderson-atlas.html ) I’ve been a fan of children’s literature since….well, childhood, and my enthusiasm has never waned. I continue to read children’s and YA (young adult) literature even today. I’ve had […]

New Library Gets a Free Book

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Margot donated Surviving the Improbable Quest to a 6th grade library! How awesome!! An epic tale of survival of a young boy, August 15, 2016 By Margot Lynne Stornelli This review is from: Surviving the Improbable Quest (Heroes of Distant Planets) (Volume 1) (Paperback) Allan survives a horrific car accident that kills his parents leaving […]

Fools’ Apocalypse Review #7

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“What struck me about Fools’ Apocalypse is that Anderson Atlas has taken two of the great themes of American writing: the river journey, and the band-of-travelers-against-the-wild, and used them to give new life to the zombie apocalypse.” ~Marian Thorpe   Read the Entire Review here: Fools’ Apocalypse, by Anderson Atlas: A Review